Re-defining How People Discover Events.

Create easy to read, eye-catching event pages that attendees love.

Each attendee gets their own unique event page/url to your event, so they can easily show friends they're going and invite them to join. You can create a custom rewards program to reward attendees for every friend they invite.

As friends join the attendee, they will also be displayed on the event page, making it easier for others to see all the people going from the same group of friends.

Attendees receive credit for every purchase from their unique event page/url. It can be applied towards any future event or product on Bongopass.

Let attendees take control of your event and harness the power of their social network through an event dashboard.

Do you sell alcohol, food, or merchandise?

Let attendees use their credits to make purchases from the dashboard before the event even begins.

Go viral - Create conversations - Bring people together

More Social Media Shares
More event views
Bought from an invitation

Is Bongopass the right fit for your next event?


Attendees With More Purchasing Power

Access thousands of attendees (and growing!) that can use their credit to attend your events for free, while you still receive your full payout.

Empower your Attendees

Empower the ones most interested in your events with personalized sharing tools.

Know Your Attendees

Know your loyal attendees who invite the most friends so you can build a relationship with them.

Untapped marketing potential

Allow your attendees to carry out your most effective marketing campaign - by spreading the word about your event and company through word of mouth.

Create a shared economy

Attendees work with you to help make your event a success. You have full control of how they can earn rewards.

Attendee Focused

We never distract your attendees by showing them other events, hosts, or ads so they stay focused on your events.

What Our Hosts Say

We don't take advantage of your hard work.

Simple Pricing

Bongopass Fee


Per Transaction.

Passed on to Attendees.

Competitive pricing that can't be beat by other event registration companies.

Bank Transaction Cost

2.9% + $0.30

Per Transaction.

Passed on to Hosts.

We use Stripe to process all our payments securely. Read more about Stripe here. Stripe is used by companies like Amazon and Lyft. Bongopass does not make money from this transaction cost.

*We'll tell you how it works for your event size and category once we receive your application below.

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